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The Wilson Building has 3 active-learning classrooms, holding 48, 99 and 108 students.

Each room is setup up so that each student table (or 'pod') has its own portable whiteboard and monitor.  In addition, each classroom is equipped with:

  • an accessibility-compliant instructor podium
  • audio and video connections at each table for student devices
  • wifi
  • a document camera

The instructor podium is located at the centre of each room, instead of at the 'front' or 'back' of the classroom.  The instructor can control how much or how little of the technology is used.  Instructors can, for example, determine whether students display their work within their respective groups or to the entire class.  Or the instructor can display their own lecture material on all the classroom monitors.  For some specific examples of how these rooms have been used here visit the McMaster Experience page on this site.

The rooms are configured as follows: